Candidate Statements for 2012 IACRL Election

 Candidate for President-Elect (unopposed)Pattie PiotrowskiAssistant Dean for Public Services, Illinois Institute of Technology

I’m a graduate of Rosary College, with an MLIS from Dominican University and an MBA from Illinois Institute of Technology. I’ve worked at Illinois Institute of Technology since 1998, first as Head Librarian at a branch campus in Wheaton and then moving to the Main Campus in 2006 as Assistant Dean for Public Services, where you can still find me listening for the fireworks at Cellular Field. In 2003-4 I participated in Synergy: Illinois Library Leadership Initiative, where I made great friends and became interested in topics that still draw my attention today: advocacy, leadership, and staff mentoring, as well as a more recent interest in the role the academic library plays in recruiting and retention. I was also a member of the DuPage Library System Board of Trustees from 2003-2006.    The opportunity to serve as Vice-President/President-Elect of IACRL is daunting but inviting. Having worked recently on the IACRL conference committee, and fresh from the sessions presented at that conference, I know that IACRL members are talented, creative, and service-oriented individuals, who are passionate about what they do, who they serve, and it’s a real credit to the profession that they do it all with humor and grace. Our state association, IACRL, is the local option for highlighting the issues that challenge libraries and higher education, and it can be a catalyst for encouraging conversations and finding creative solutions, and as our recent conference shows, it provides access to networking, training, and mentoring opportunities in Illinois. Our future is bright with potential, and IACRL should be the space where academic librarians can share, learn, and grow.

  Candidates for Secretary/Treasurer Andrew Lenaghan Assistant Professor & Librarian, Joliet Junior College

Hello, I am Andrew Lenaghan. I currently work as a Librarian at Joliet Junior College, in Joliet IL. Though I have only been at JJC, as a professional librarian, for 4 years, most of my life – childhood through adulthood – has been spent working in libraries. I started at 11 years old, volunteering at my public and junior high libraries. From there I worked as a student worker at Booth Library on the campus of Eastern Illinois University, where I eventually got hired as a staff member after graduate school, and continued working there until I received my MLS from University of Illinois. So, while I come to our table of librarians, as relatively new to the position of librarian, I bring over twenty years of institutional knowledge about our profession. I also have the strong belief that, since libraries have always been there for me, I want to be there for them. In short, I want to give back to a community that provided, and still provides, so much. This is why I would be honored to be your IACRL Secretary for the upcoming year.Part of being a librarian is recognizing the importance of not only our own institution's success, but the larger success that can be achieved when we come together as a group and work towards common goals. Take this year’s IACRL conference in Oakbrook. I was lucky enough to be a part of the planning committee for that event, and am very proud not only of the work that we did as a group, but also of the response that the attendees had, to the conference. It was overwhelming positive, and reignited a feeling of excitement in our academic community. Events like this are possible only when we understand that as a group we can do so much more. I think IACRL plays a vital role in the academic library community, here in Illinois. It is not just our gateway to the national association. IACRL provides Illinois academic libraries with communication outlets, networking opportunities, and spaces to create shared visions of libraries for the future. I believe that IACRL will continue to be a successful state chapter of ACRL, and I would very much like to help bolster that success by serving as one of its officers.Thank you for your time and consideration,Andrew Lenaghan.

 Ken Orenic Reference/Instruction Librarian, Dominican University

I am excited to run for the IACRL Secretary/Treasurer position and would welcome the opportunity to serve the membership. I have been an Instruction and Reference Librarian at Dominican University since 2006. I have been involved in library professional organizations at the local and state level, including serving as President of LIBRAS as well as Co-chair for CARLI’s I-Share Instruction Team. IACRL plays an important role in building a positive community for librarians statewide to share best practices and new strategies for best serving our profession and institutions in our changing and challenging environment. As Secretary I would work to ensure that organizational information and resources are available to support the educational, networking and collaborative work of the IACRL.